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The Romans: Kingdom - Republic - Empire. Our latest game launching on KS mid Oct. 2018

What we do

We design our own games, board and card, publish ourselves mainly (but with some notable exceptions such as 'History of the World', 'Fire and Axe', 'Angola' and 'Steam Donkey') and sell them through this website and some discerning stores around the world. 

We only publish limited runs of 1000 copies, unless they are licensed by larger companies.

Who we are


Ragnar Brothers consists of three friends who ought to know better but can’t resist the urge to design board games. That’s Steve (middle) and Phil Kendall (right) and myself Gary Dicken (on the left). It all started in the early 1980′s when we gathered with our reprobate friends to recreate American Civil and Second World War battles with 25mm Airfix figures and large pieces of chip board painted green. Ah! the good old days when entire weekends would disappear in a heady mix of artificial cannon smoke and beer fumes. These days we stick to designing board-games and card games – we've been doing it for 27 years!.​

Upcoming events and news

Ragnar Brothers will be at Essen in October 2018 - Hall 5 Stand D110 come and see us!

Our Facebook page is ragnarbrothersgames

and on Twitter we are @ragnarbrothers

Z-Man Games has published a re-mastered version of History of the World as a 25th Anniversary edition!


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Ragnar Brothers

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