Backpacks and Blisters


One of our first game designs

'Backpacks and Blisters' is having a re-boot (little walking joke there...). We designed this game in 1993 and sold some three thousand copies to a world coming to terms with video-gaming at the expense of boardgames. Since then, many have asked about re-printing in full colour and we have made it happen with your help. In preparing the project we couldn't resist re-configuring some aspects of the game (including new Equipment cards), designing the game for solo play (now 1-6 players) and we feel these to be a great improvement on the original.


What's in the box?


  • Giant full colour mapboard 
  • Deck of 74 Walking cards (including over 20 new locations)
  • 6 Equipment tiles (see above)
  • Wooden playing pieces (Walker and 20 Cairn stones per player)
  • Money and Chocolate counters
  • Change of Weather marker
  • Walking target markers
  • 8 page illustrated rules booklet (stream-lined)
  • ​Cloth map available for purists!

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