Nina and Pinta

Game concept


Quantum physics tells us ‘the ability of quantum particles to occupy two states seemingly at once could be explained by both states co-existing in different universes’. So when you wave goodbye to your ship in your universe, someone else waves goodbye to their ship in a different parallel universe. But what would happen if these neighbouring universes, separated by the thinnest, gossamer barrier should somehow be breached and my ship sails into your world and searches for gold in competition to your ship? Play the game and find out…… A game for 1-4 players in around 2 hours.

Full colour mapboard



The map board shows the three New Worlds named after the three ships Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Each player will crew and sail one of his three ships to each of the New Worlds where they will try to develop colonies and build towns and cities in order to create wealth to send back to the Old World. This gold will allow players to purchase bonus benefits and progress benefits.

Bonus benefits such as the 'spy glass' gives a player access to knowledge of what lies in wait in certain areas of one of the New Worlds - maps and rumours brought back by previous explorers! A 'stronghold' gives the player protection for his colony from the attacks of rival Captains - perhaps natural landscape features make a colony impregnable to hostile rivals.

Progress benefits belong in particular groups in the Old World and are used to increase the value of the Arts, Sciences, Religion and the Military prowess of the players Nation. 



Players load their ships with crew in secret and also hide their gold and benefits behind screens - two per player Nation. 

On the screen reverses are handy reference sheets for players.  

The New Worlds are made up of 'land tiles' - five types - Mountain, Forest, Plains, Inhospitable and Mixed terrain. Your Captain won't know what to expect until the land tile is explored (unless they have the Spy glass of course!). There are 5 tiles for each land but two tiles won't be used to guarantee a different distribution each time you play.