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A board game where 1-6 players use a hand of 'walking' cards to lead their walker around a gorgeous map of the Lake District, exploring scenic views and climbing hills to score victory points. You'll also visit cafes and eat chocolate and probably develop a blister or two that will slow your progress! A game for young and old alike.

Barking up the wrong tree


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 A fast paced card game about dogs trying to get cats out of trees! 2-5 players and plays in around 45 minutes with 5.

Nina and Pinta


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Our first game in the Quantum series! This is a game of exploration of New Worlds where the great nations of Spain, England, France and Portugal send ships out to map the unknown and to bring home wealth to the Old World. This is a game where your ships will cross the divide and where no love is lost between Captains!  Explore, settle, fight if need be, and help your nation develop its Culture, Science, Religion and War-craft, to be the best in all worlds!